About Lykos Consulting

Led by Founder Glen Calizon, a Stage 4 cancer survivor and seasoned business leader, Lykos Consulting offers a range of services from effective business consulting to acting as a fractional business partner or co-founder. With decades of experience in corporate environments and entrepreneurship, Lykos Consulting brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success in Web2 and Web3 organizations. Put your business in the hands of experts who understand the challenges and opportunities of the modern business landscape.

Areas of Expertise

Tactical Strategy Development + Implementation

Mindset Training

Branding Essentials

Revenue Consulting

Leadership and Management Coaching


Change Management
Relationship Development
Inspiring Motivation
Waste and Stress Reduction
Optimizing Efficiency

Lykos Consulting prides itself in crafting personalized packages tailored to each client’s unique requirements and desired outcomes. Their mandate is to help businesses thrive by providing strategic guidance and support, resulting in long-term success.